Naranja Picada [engl. sliced orange] is a project that supports you to create a home that inspires you every day. 

Our living space is the best record of our existence and if you observe your home with attention you can see clearly who you are and what you need. Art inspires this process. Consciously choosing it as an essential part of your life will help you to create a nourishing healthy home.

Naranja Picada is for those who appreciate living with art and new ways of consumption and living. Our selection of art invites you to connect with your sensual side and feel real liveliness in your home in order to create the interior that helps you flourish and grow.

We value the diverse beliefs and stories that the artists we work with bring into our project and into your life and strive to build equal and lasting partnerships based on trust.



Right now you will find artworks created by the founders Lester Valdés and Mona Schaffer on our website but we work hard to present you a wider range of works soon. Also there are more possibilities for conversations between artists and art lovers planned. Click here to stay connected and follow the process of Naranja Picada.

Naranja picada was founded by Mona Schaffer & Lester Valdés in 2020 and brought to live in 2021.