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Conglomeration of Matter 8.12

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Original Painting by Mona Schaffer

“The infinity of the universe is one of the most incredible things for me. Its amazing once we allow us to look at the bigger picture. Its not a black nothing we are looking at when we watch the night sky. We actually look at an ocean of galaxies. We look at galaxies that are part of galaxies and so on and we are part of this conglomeration of matter - every part is making this universe as perfect at it is and it couldn't be more perfect“ Mona Schaffer

This original painting is part of a series which includes 12 paintings. The painting can be selected individually or in combination with others. If you need help deciding please don´t hesitate to contact us for an individual consultation.



Size 50 x 70 cm  /  19,7 x 27,6″
Acrylic on paper
Date October 2020
Framing No
Copy Original  /  unique
Named and signed on back