Deconstructed Love 03
Deconstructed Love 03
Deconstructed Love 03

Deconstructed Love 03

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Print: Digital Painting by Mona Schaffer

"The paintings are made by snapshots of my one year stay in Havana, in which I captured memory fragments of energetic situations. Layer by layer those situations are woven into each other. Cuba is intense and way more intense than the visual paradise of colorful house facades, cigars, Caribbean fruits and vintage cars sold to tourists. The paintings try to communicate the constant feeling of love that I felt in my body - so the only way was to deconstruct the visual facade into and abstract vibrational painting in order to make the presence of vibrance and love in this country perceptible for you." Mona Schaffer

This digital painting is part of the series "Deconstructed Love". I was thinking back and forth about how to print and ship this beauty. One of my highest believe is, that art should be enjoyable by many so I decided to work with a print on demand agency. This way I can offer the prints more economically. It will also be manufactured as close to your location as possible, which saves you a lot of tax und shipping costs and is also better for the environment as the print won't fly over the whole planet.

Paper Premium Matt Archival 
Paper 200 g / m²

Date 2021
Framing No
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