Parpadear 14.72

Parpadear 14.72

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Original Painting by Mona Schaffer

"Parpadear" means to blink in spanish. During my stay in Germany I missed the colorful streets, the strong sun, my family and my sweet little second home in Havanna constantly - but I had one magical weapon. My imagination. Every time I blinked I decided to dive into my memories of everything good I had experienced, every emotion I had lived, every heartbeat I had felt on this little island. With every blink my trust that shortly I would visit this Island again got deeper - three month later I was flying back to Havanna, Cuba.

"This series captures the feeling of every blink during which I deeply felt the sun on my skin, saw the colorful facades in front of me, every blink during which I could sense this island so strong that I felt if I was already there" Mona Schaffer

This original painting is part of the series “PARPADEAR" including 72 unique original Paintings. The paintings can be selected individually or in combination with others. If you need help deciding please don't hesitate to contact us for an individual consultation.


Size 10 x 15 cm  /  4 x 6″
Acrylic on Paper
Date 2019
Framing No
Copy Original  /  unique
Named and signed on back